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On Del...

"Del Shores knows how to bring a story to fruition on the stage and on the screen.  It all begins with the writing and he is among the best!  He is a superb actor himself and as a director knows how to get his cast to go deep, without fear, in their performances." 

-Beau Bridges (Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy winner)

"Working with Del was a true gift as his voice and style are distinctive and impactful."

-Octavia Spencer (Academy Award, Golden Globe winner)

"Del... provides the actor with an abundance of moments needed in order to create a layered and unique performance."

-Tate Taylor, Writer/Director The Help

"If someone were to say, "Find me a writer like Del Shores" that would mean "Find me a writer who is unqualifiably original...achingly funny...and deeply profound. And it would be a very long search, indeed...because there is only one Del Shores!"

-Bonnie Bedelia, Golden Globe, Emmy & Independent Spirit Award nominated actress

"Over thirty years ago, I walked into an audition for a play by Del Shores called Cheatin'. My line was, "Mornin' Sid, nice day, ain't it." Del fell off the couch laughing at the delivery of that one line! Although he has written many iconic roles for me over the years including Brother Boy, the Tammy Wynette obsessed drag queen in Sordid Lives and Preston 'Peanut' Leroy, the sodden bar fly, in Southern Baptist Sissies, it will be the role of Bo Bob Jasper that will always stand out in my mind. I even named my Jack Russell terrier Jasper, may he rest in peace. I will speak anything Del writes for me."

-Leslie Jordan, Emmy Award-Winning actor

"For twenty years now, I've had the joy of delivering Del's delightful and delicious dialogue in sixteen separate productions of his singularly special storytelling. He weaves a tale with equal threads of hilarity and heartbreak, creating colorful, vital, real voices for the teller to explore. I've witnessed many a standing ovation for his words. The listener can't help but be highly entertained and/or deeply moved... and always eager for more!"

-Dale Dickey, Independent Spirit Award-winning actress

"I only really became the actress that I knew dwelled within when I got to play a character written by Del. Del's writing is more delicious than the fried food his characters eat. He writes so perfectly and with so much compassion that the only thing I really needed to bring to the part was hairspray and eyeshadow. It is a gift to play any part that he creates."

-Caroline Rhea, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Sordid Lives: The Series, Sydney to the Max

"Del Shores changed my life. It's that simple. As an actor he guided me to take risks to tell the story to the best of my ability. As a producer he taught me to create your own opportunities. As a person he inspired me to use my voice to make the world a little bit better. There are great artists and great activists. Del Shores is the rare proof that it is possible to be both."

Emerson Collins: Actor/Producer, BRAVO's The People's Couch, Southern Baptist Sissies, A Very Sordid Wedding, Rent: LIVE

"I've watched Del work with actors for 20 years now.  I have worked one on one with him on set and in countless auditions.   He absolutely gets the best out of you and does it in a way that educates and inspires you.”

-Levi Kreis, Tony Award Winner

"Del Shores is an incredibly talented writer and director. He is also a terrific acting coach. Anyone who can teach me how to speak with a Southern accent... is a genius!"

-Olivia Newton-John, Grammy Award winner, People's Choice Award winner

"Del is wonderful, insightful writer who makes all parts of the rehearsal process fun; from breaking down scenes, to character development and improv work to realizing a fully fleshed out performance.”

-Rich Delia, Artios Award winning casting director

"Mat Hayes’ “Self-Tape Workshop” will give you a leg up on the competition. From start to finish, Mat guides you through the Eco-casting process from sides to techniques, frames to lights, readers to props, and so much more. 

This is audition-changing stuff and a skill Mat has mastered and knows how to teach."

-Nancy Jay, actress

"What a great experience learning so much in Mat Hayes‘ workshop. Mat was so patient, and fun and we posted our self tapes to Actors Access during class. Mat’s honest critiques were right on. After class I ordered a Ring Light Head Tripod Stand Set! Bring on those audition requests! I highly recommend you take this class!"

-Sue Ellen Love, actress

"As I beginner in the art of self-taping and self-submitting, I learned the basics of the taping process.  If doesn't matter what you are using to tape your scene.  Mat worked with Android and iPhones.  The best part of the class was Mat sent us an audition request on Actors Access.  We uploaded our tapes and got to see what the Casting Director sees when you have been asked to submit an audition tape.  In addition to the technical part of the workshop, Mat also gave pointers on lighting, sound, and background. P.S. I took the workshop twice because Mat is interesting and I learned from watching the other participants in the class."

-Charlotte White, actress

On Mat...
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